A New Year Brings New Dreams - Artist Development

Just a day away from yet another new year and I'm thinking about all the new resolutions.  For several years I have not got into doing the whole resolution thing because they generally get broke.  I have been reading and studying on this theme of "Artist Development" and reading books like "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" by Bob Baker from St. Louis and listening to his pod cast.  This information is opening up a new chapter in my life and music.  I have always had this real shy and humble approach to my music but after hearing thousands of compliments from fans, I have finally started to realize that I have been given a wonderful gift.  I have decided to share this gift with anyone who wants to hear it.  Just as important as practicing our piano skills, our vocal skills, or dancing skills (depending on your band) we must also look at other aspects of the business.  That is if your are wanting to do music full-time.  As in my case, my music is the only income we have.  This includes the recording studio, live gigs, and merchandise sales.  If this your situation or somewhere you would like to be, then you must consider your music as a business and start running and thinking of it as a business. 

Takes some time and look into learning Artist Development.  There are many pod cast, blogs, websites, and coaches that can help you learn how to be a better presenter of your business.  This is just as important as you practicing your instrument.  Learn how to present an image that your client (fans, venues, booking agents, labels) will want to have.  Is your website professional?  There are many tools that people without web experience can use to achieve this success. I use this site to for my website.  It has all the tools bands need to have that professional image on the web, including blogs like this one.

I encourage your this year to start taking steps in the right direction to launch your career further than before.

Big Clayton

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