The Lost art of Boogie Woogie

Take a look around and trying searching for Boogie Woogie artist and you will not find much hype on the lost art.  After discovering the proper name for the style I was playing I quickly learned that even though their might not be much hype, there is still a lot of intrest in this style.  The most amazing thing is that it is not just the older crowd but actually even the younger generations.  Some of most highest revenue from sales and gigs came during spring break when the majority of my crowds were the younger college crowds.  Of coarse the older generation might be trying to pinch every penny on there fixed incomes and teens might not know the value of there dollar, so says the standard response.  I'm not convinced that is the only answer.

Try this,  share this weblink on your facebok ( and send them to the media page to listen to the previews of the "Boogie Woogie Man" album and see how many of them have heard boogie woogie before.

Happy 88's
Big Clayton


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